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Pastors Jim and Marie Watt

Two Are Better Than One


Read 2 Samuel 21:1-14. King David well understood conditions and principles that strongly pertained to the “Healing of the Land.”

Three years of famine -- sent by God, not the devil -- got the full attention of David. He no doubt sought counsel of God through Urim & Thummim for an explanation.

God needed David's obedience to undo the sin of his predecessor, King Saul. Saul in his zeal had broken the covenant made by Joshua with the Gibeonites centuries earlier. Early in his rulership, Saul in his zeal overlooked the importance of covenant, and broke this one by killing Gibeonites in spite of Joshua's oath of protection through covenant. David may or may not have been aware at the beginning, of the breach of covenant with the Gibeonites on the part of Saul.

But in the light of 3 years of famine, his research turned up this breach. Immediately he sought out the Gibeonites and asked, “What can I do for you, that you might forgive this breach, so that God can once again bring favor upon the land?” The Gibeonites answered David that they held nothing against him personally, but that if he provided 7 sons of Saul for them to execute -- then he would be free from their enmity towards Saul, and God would be free to once again bless the land.

David immediately complied with their request. The closing word to this account was: “And after that God was entreated for the land” (2 Samuel 21:14b).

May the lessons from this account sink deeply into our ears and heart. Consider the judgment on our land because of abortions, crime, drugs, injustice, godlessness -- through judges, people, “women's lib” movements, etc. They hold God's teaching on this subject lightly -- God does not! Our land desperately needs to have wrongs made right, just as Northern Alberta in 1987 required repentance, apology and request for forgiveness from the First Nations People of Hobbema following the death of one of their men in Wetaskiwin a decade earlier.

AND WHAT OF THE BERMUDA TRIANGEL? Dr. Kenneth McAll in his book “Healing the Family Tree” recounts an experience of his wife and himself, that etched itself indelibly upon his memory. They were traveling together by ship to the West Indies, where he as a psychiatrist and expert in the “Healing of the land,” was journeying to fulfill a speaking conference.

The captain informed the passengers: “We have a choice facing us. To get to our destination in the West Indies, we can save 2 days by going through the Bermuda Triangle -- or we can go around it. If there is even one passenger who feels skittish concerning the first option -- we will take the extra 2 days by going around.”

Unanimously the passengers replied, “Captain, if you feel okay about going through the Triangle, we trust you and your judgment, and will go along with you.”

However, part way through the Bermuda Triangle, the ship's boiler blew up, and could easily have sent them all down to Davy Jones' Locker. But the boiler had repair possibilities, and the crew set to it. As they did, Mrs. McAll asked her husband, “Why are the workmen singing those dirges?” He responded, “I'll go and see.”

When he inquired of the crew, they replied: “O -- you've heard it too!” The crew was not singing dirges, yet all distinctly heard something.

They completed the repairs, and the ship made its destination. Following the conference the McAlls returned to England. But Dr. McAll couldn't get the above event out of his mind. So he visited London and did research concerning the Bermuda Triangle. He discovered it was on the direct route from Africa to America for the slave ships of some time ago. These were sailing ships in those days, and depended on good winds -- but became becalmed for days in the Sargasso Sea, adjacent to the Bermuda Triangle. Many of the slaves aboard died there, and their bodies thrown overboard for generations during that period of time -- to the tune of 2 million souls! It was those abused souls by their own people, Moslem traders and white slavers -- to whom they were crying out and overheard by the McAlls!

Dr. McAll immediately arranged for 12 intercessory prayer groups to meet throughout England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland. The groups would write out the sins of those involved in the slave-trade including Great Britain. William Wilberforce was eventually a great voice in ending Britain's participation in the slave trade, even before our nation of America.

These 12 intercessory groups placed the listing of the sins of their people (much like Daniel did in Daniel chapter 9) upon the communion table. At the time of the Eucharist (Dr. McAll was Anglican), they like Daniel confessed the sins of their people and asked forgiveness on behalf of the land and the Bermuda Triangle -- on the basis of the Atoning, Finished work of Christ at Calvary.

Suddenly all 12 home meetings contacted Dr. McAll at approximately the same time. God had spoken to all 12 and proclaimed forgiveness of the Slavers, and healing of the Bermuda Triangle. Up to that time -- 100's of ships had disappeared without trace or explanation. Many planes suffered the same fate. But from the date the 12 Intercessory prayer groups heard from God, not another ship or plane disappeared in the region of the Bermuda Triangle.

Billy Graham wrote a 4-5 page account of this in one of his books on Prayer.

In conclusion -- putting these two events alongside of the 1987 “healing of the land” of Northern Alberta; and we have proof that wrongs can affect the land. God's judgment may fall on land where transgression has been committed. A Daniel 9 approach can work miracles. In Daniel's case it brought restoration of Israel to their land after 70 years of captivity. The above 3 cases are also quite spectacular.

Daniel Kikawa of Hawaii has written two books on revival in the land of his adoption. By all means purchase his latest book, “God of Light, God of Darkness,”2008, available through <www.alohakeakua.org>.

Daniel records the healing of the land of Hawaii in 100 locations in 6 of the islands where human sacrifice and idolatry took place. Invaders 800 years ago perpetrated this. The land was healed 10 years ago through much the same type of action as that taken by Dr. McAll for the Bermuda Triangle.

Your friend -- Jim Watt